Our Story

The Association “Inclusiva Sí, Especial TAMBIÉN” (“Inclusive and Special”) is an Organisation for Persons with Disabilities (“OPD”), formed by people with intellectual disabilities, their families, teachers and schools, who advocate and defend the right of all disabled people to enjoy true inclusion in all areas of society and who believe this can be achieved at both ordinary and specialised schools. We do not belong to any political party or sector organisation, nor do we subscribe to any religious belief.

Thanks to the efforts a some members, we managed to get the voice of the Platform Heard, and for the time being, the proposals to close Specialized Education are being reconsidered. However we realize there is still much to be done…


In June 2018, several families who have children with different disabilities and some education professionals from a number of Specialized Schools of the Madrid Region were very worried by the proposals and declarations of some political parties and disability sector organizations of the need to abolish the specialized education that attends to thousands of children across Spain. Different Spanish Regions were discussing at that point, through legislation proposals, the convenience of abolishing Specialized Education based on the argument that is “segregating and discriminating”. Thus, some were proposing “a SINGLE schooling option were ALL students would be in ordinary schools”.

We fight to ensure that every person with an intellectual disability receives a quality education that facilitates real and effective inclusion in society.

We fully support parents who take their children to ordinary schools. But we want to make clear that inclusion is not only achieved in ordinary schools. Inclusion is social, in families, at work, during leisure time, etc.